TPP Full Text - Final Table of Contents

Ten Reasons Why the TPP Must Be DefeatedBernie Sanders Dec 2014, Common

 Oil Train Shipments Expand under Cuomo - Politico

NGA Pipeline Proposals

James Hansen: Ice melt, sea level rise and superstorms

Waterless Fracking

Unsafe at any speed? Closer look at the tanker oil trains aka bomb trains
Jeremy Moule, City Newspaper July 15

Fossil fuel industry must 'implode' to avoid climate disaster, says top scientist
The Guardian, Damian Carrington, July 10 

Diary of a Grid Defector: how an energy reporter is going off the grid
Robert Walton July 10

Seneca Lake gas storage: safety, environment concerns -Fears over explosion, increased lake salinity, danger of rail transport of propane gas
TOM WILBER , | @wilberwrites

Half of US Fracking Companies Will be Dead or Sold This Year
Bloomberg-Business News, David Wethe, 4/15

Seismic shift: Oklahoma's earthquakes triggered by wastewater disposal wells 
Yahoo News, Michael Walsh, 4/23

Here's Where All of The Oil Trains Are Going  
Business Insider, Wolf Richter, Wolf Street, 4/1 

Fracking's Most Wanted: Lifting the Veil on Oil and Gas Company Spills and Violations
PDF Natural Resources Defense Council: 

More information about fracking waste coming in to NY: 

More information on Crude oil trains:

No Fracking Way:  Tree Clearing for Constitution Pipeline Starts Feb 16

PDF Environmental Advocates of NY:  License to Dump Fracking Waste Report

DC Bureau: LPG Storage in NY Salt Cavern Linked to Salinity Spike in Drinking Water Peter Mantius Feb 6th, 2015

   Protesters Include Celebrity Chefs Emma Frisch of Firelight Camps and Scott Signori of Stonecat Cafe, Northstar Restaurant Owner Lee Hamilton, Baker Stefan Senders, and Renowned Organic Farmers Chaw Chang and Tony Potenza.

DeSmogBlog:  Naomi Klein Tells the UK: The Fracking 'Bridge' is Burning!  Jan 28, 2015

Gas Free Seneca Petition for Full Party Status and Expert Reports

Moyers & Company:  New Data Sharpen Focus on Crude Oil "Bomb Train" Routes 
 Thompson, Dec 2 2014

Guardian: Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change  Carrington, Jan 7, 2015

Truthout:  Russia Blamed, US Taxpayers on the Hook, as Fracking Boom Collapses Ptashnik, Jan 8 2015

Grist: Fracking boom could go bust faster than Obama thinks, McDonnel Dec 3 2014

AGREE NY: What's REV Why Does it Matter? Natural Gas The fracking fallacy Inman, Dec 3 2014

DailyKos:  The Fracking Boom Just Went Bust  Nov 27 2014 

Dec 2014 Department of Health Report A Public Health Review of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas Development

2014 Environmental Scorecard- The public's guide to the voting record of New York State Lawmakers including archive years.

FERC Approves NY Methane Storage Project, Peter Mantius,  Oct 3, 2014

Governor Cuomo Announces First New York Green Bank Transactions
Oct 22, 2014 Governor's Press Office Release:  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the first transactions of NY Green Bank to kick off clean energy projects across New York.

Cuomo administration edited and delayed key fracking study Scott Waldman, Capital Oct 6 2014

Fracking the Future - How Unconventional Gas Threatens Our Water, Health and Climate
topics including the myths and dangers of extreme extraction technologies of horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) along with the political pollution.

Fracking by the Numbers Key Impacts of Dirty Drilling at the State and National Level, Environment America Research & Policy Center  October 2013

The Costs of Fracking  Environment America Research & Policy Center September 2012

Compendium of Scientific, Medical & Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking (Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction)
Concerned Health Professionals of NY  July 10, 2014

A Bridge to Nowhere: methane emissions and the greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas 

Robert W. Howarth  May 15, 2014.

Save Seneca Lake Demand for action July 14, 2014
To: Schuyler County Legislature, Schuyler County, New York
From: Concerned Citizens of Schuyler County
Members of the Legislature:
We, the Concerned Citizens of Schuyler County, demand that the Schuyler County
Legislature do the following today:
1. Rule that Chair Dennis Fagan recuse himself immediately from all matters relating
to the proposed Crestwood project on the shores of Seneca Lake due to a conflict of
interest, as explained below.
2. Rescind its June 9, 2014, resolution endorsing the proposal to construct
Crestwood’s industrial facility on the shore of Seneca Lake for reasons explained
3. Resolve not to support any gas storage facility or project on Seneca Lake, now or in
the future, for reasons explained below.
4. Initiate immediately a proper safety and evacuation procedures plan, until said
facility is no longer operational, for reasons explained below.
5. Hold itself accountable for, and answer to, the violation of open meeting laws for
reasons explained below.
6. Hold itself accountable for, and answer to, the violation of the Code of Ethics for
reasons explained below..
We, the Concerned Citizens of Schuyler County, once again call upon the Schuyler
County Legislature to properly and ethically secure the health, safety, and welfare of
county residents by taking the steps detailed in the following pages. We pledge
everything within our power as citizens to legally and properly assure that the
Legislature does so.

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